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Professional Cleaners is a multi-service laundry, offering wash and fold services and dry cleaning with pick-up and delivery options.

We specialize in providing outstanding service while focusing on quality and not quantity. We pride ourselves in offering a service entirely handled by us and offering the highest quality.

All of our staff is specially trained with best practices in mind.

Athens Laundry Services and More

Buttoned and business attire shirts with cuffs and collars require a lot of time to clean and maintain. Ironing them alone takes hours for a few shirts. Save time with our professional laundry services. We provide two options for professional results:

  • Basic service that includes clean shirts with pressed collars and cuffs
  • Total hand-finishing service for individual care

Regardless of the service you choose, we will remove stains as well as check seams and buttons, repairing them as needed. We will provide the best garment cleaning with incredible attention to detail.

High-Quality Laundering Services

Every garment that comes to us for laundry services goes through a five-point inspection process before delivery to the customer because we want to make sure that no wrinkle or stain remains. We pride ourselves on being committed to the best service we can provide. We are always available to make sure you are satisfied. We welcome all of your suggestions to make a better experience.

Trust us for your dry cleaning service and we’ll provide you with amazing service. On that you can depend. Contact us today to get started.

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