Trust Your Most Treasured Garments to Our Dry Cleaners

A wedding gown is not just a dress. It’s a symbol of an important event in your life. Your gown deserves your attention, both before and after the wedding. Trust the experts at Professional Cleaners to professionally clean and care for your most priceless garments, such as wedding gowns and other family heirlooms.

Industry-Leading Wedding Dress Cleaning

To ensure that your wedding gown will be there for you and future generations to wear and admire, we recommend beginning the process of cleaning and preservation as soon as possible after the wedding. Our thoroughness and attention to detail guarantee great results. Our wedding dress cleaning includes:

  • Evaluation of the fabric and embellishments
  • Hand cleaning
  • Anti-sugar stain treatment
  • Personal inspection to guarantee satisfactory results

When you choose Professional Cleaners, your wedding gown will go through a thorough process of cleaning and restoration. This ensures that your dress will be in prime condition and perfect for preservation. We help preserve the memories of your big day by dry cleaning wedding dresses with our time-tested process. Our wedding gown dry cleaning process is gentle on the gown yet hard on stains, keeping the bright whites vibrant.

Our team of Wedding Specialists hand-treat every garment with the same care and attention you’d give it yourself, ensuring each item is as flawless as your celebration deserves to be. Quality is our commitment. Museum-quality cleaning and storage of your gown is guaranteed.

The boxes and tissue paper we use are of the quality that the nation’s leading museums are using. And the boxes are made from single wall corrugated board, which is lignin-free, sulfur-free, acid-free with a bridal white finish. The box has a clear viewing window and it is insect-proof and water-resistant to ensure a long preserved life.

We also professionally clean formal wear of all kinds! Contact us for more information at (706) 432-1337